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Pangea for Insurance platform

With the Pangea for Insurance platform, your organization can save valuable time spent collecting information and get to what really matters: generating revenue!

General Information Services, Inc. (GIS) created the Pangea for Insurance solution to transform tedious, paper-intensive processes to an automated, fully-functional workflow. Through our Contracting Dashboard, you can view applicant information, order background screenings, assess for appointment processing, and move through all stages of your process with ease. Many clients can actually pay for all or most of their background screening orders from the savings realized with Pangea for Insurance!

Pangea for Insurance Benefits:
  • Implementation in as little as 60 days
  • Producers are able to start writing business faster, meaning top line growth
  • Easy integration with downstream systems, eliminating data entry
  • Configurable background screening packages
  • Eliminate delays due to incomplete, illegible or lost files
  • SSL encrypted data ensures personal information remains secure
  • Consolidate ALL applicant data
  • 24/7 access
Benefits for Your Organization:
  • Manage the contracting process with our flexible and filter-rich dashboard
  • Supports E-Signature of documents and company countersignatures
  • Easily accessible electronic audit trails
  • Generate reports based on incoming applicant data
  • Validating of licensee credentials eliminates the need to gather paper licenses
  • Configurable email templates and action-based workflows
  • Easily request and receive additional data via our secure Returning Applicant Portal
Benefits for Your Applicants:
  • An easy and consolidated online application process
  • Instant access to view License and Appointment data prior to submission
  • Fast contracting process means its easier to submit new business
  • Efficiently matches states in which applicants and your company conduct business
  • Applicants safely provide additional data through our Returning Applicant Portal
  • Secure access to electronically countersigned contracts and documents
  • Return and complete applications at any time